Our Services

Providing Land Enhancement Services to All of East Texas

As a locally owned and operated land enhancement service provider, East Texas Land Enhancement understands what your property needs and because of our experience, we know how to accomphish the task like none other. We were born and raised in the Tyler, TX area, meaning we’ve been surrounded by the same environment you have in your backyard from day one.

From the initial planning stages to project completion, our goal is to serve you with the utmost integrity and professionalism. We take the time to communicate with you and understand your needs and wants, coordinating with you on every step of your land enhancement project. Some of our many East Texas land development and improvement services include:

The high quality, cutting edge equipment we employ means we can maneuver through your rugged property while leaving the smallest possible footprint. Our compact loaders create less than 5 pounds per square inch ground pressure, resulting in less ground disturbance and soil compaction. This allows us to work in most weather and ground conditions with minimal ruts.

Mulching trees and chomping the underbrush with our mulchers makes it easy for property owners to maintain afterwards. The natural wood chips left behind help minimize soil erosion while allowing new grass to emerge, releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil as the chips decay. No matter the complexity of your land enhancement project, we use the most environmentally positive techniques to ensure it thrives as you gain more enjoyment from it for years to come.

Remember us if you need land clearing, tree mulching, land surveying, natural habitat improvement, trails made, tree removal, or other land services we can help! For more information about what we can do to your piece of land, contact East Texas Land Enhancement today!